Team Up Award - Souvenir Michele Scarponi

The 2018 Tour of the Alps is over in Innsbruck, where the historical first stage of the new race taking over from Giro del Trentino had ended one year earlier. A stage fixed in the memory of all cycling fans due to its winner, Michele Scarponi, who would tragically pass away just a few days later on his home road, while training.

The personality of Michele Scarponi is indelibly bound to this race, and the Tour of the Alps’ organization is looking to preserve this emotional link. This is why a special award has been instituted in the memory of Michele, to celebrate one of the main characteristics of the late Italian rider: his capacity to play down in critical moments, to create relationships, to “team up”.


The Team Up award, created in agreement of Michele Scarponi’s family and in collaboration with ACCPI – the Italian riders’ association – will reward the team providing the best collective effort on each day. The winning team will be called on the main stage at the start on the following day, and will deliver a Tou of the Alps’ contribution to a voluntary group active in the start city.

In the name of a shiny and unlucky champion, the Tour of the Alps wishes to celebrate the selflessness, the generosity, the solidarity, and the essence of cycling at its best, certainly embodied by the personality of Michele Scarponi.

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