The shared values of the three Euroregions

The inception of the first Euregio’s cycling races is loaded with significant meanings, even beyond sports, and unites three destinations looking to promote themselves as a unique touristic system, characterized by strong bounds with cycling as a whole.

While having their respective peculiarities, the three territories share a batch of identifying values that represent the foundations of the new project:

• Alternative mobility as an opportunity to enjoy and live the territory without cars, in a sustainable way;

• The concept of “Livable Alps”, a match between nature, history and culture;

• The respect for Nature, the greatest touristic attraction of these territories;

• Health, wellness and sport as the population’s lifestyle

• The hospitality of touristic facilities and the eagerness to build personal relationships;

• The touristic facilities’ high quality of service, products and professionalism;

• Sportiness, both as practice and sports events organization

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